The #PACE Process

The #PACE Process for Early Career Success is designed to help you unlock the mindset, traits, and techniques needed to Plan, Apply for, Commit to, and Evaluate your ideal career path. Whether you plan to enter the corporate world, join a startup, or start your own business, you will learn how to build a network, master interviewing skills, leverage your personal brand, and even how and when to move on to your next opportunity.

Here’s what you can expect to learn

Why you need to start with the right mindset

How to unlock more opportunities with networks – this makes it easy to progress in your career.

The keys to building your personal brand, résumés, and cover letters

What to do to succeed at interviews (even if you have no experience)

How to leverage your strengths to fast-track your achievements

The #PACE Process for Early Career Success

The #PACE process explores crucial keys to success: grit, charisma, perseverance, and emotional agility. #PACE, or Preparation, Action, Commitment, and Execution, requires one universal quality that can help you deal with a lack of direction on how to progress in the work world - MINDSET.

Mark’s book, The #PACE Process to Early Career Success leads you through these challenges and helps you realize the skills needed to get your feet in the door, keep your head down, climb the ladder, and not stop achieving until you find success.

Order the book here as the prefect companion to The PACE Process online course.

25+ years of business experience

Mark is no newbie to the entrepreneurial world. With over 25 years of experience, he has been on both sides of the interview table, has honed in on skills that make him a great business leader, and has successfully developed the #PACE process to tackle any road ahead.

Mark will show you how to incorporate the right mindset into everything you do, so you can not only survive in the modern work world, but conquer it. Keep #PACE with Mark and you will surely find success in whatever you.

The Difference Between Gen-Z and Everyone Else | Mark Zides | TEDx Babson College

In this TEDx Talk, Mark Zides discusses the challenges facing GenZ's as they kick start their careers, and the strategies they need to establish the right mindset for success. Mark is the founder and CEO of CoreAxis Consulting, an award-winning, learning, development, and talent management firm.

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5 Star Amazon Review

 Where was this book when I graduated college?

Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2022

Verified Purchase

There should be a requirement for every young professional to read this book before entering the workplace world post-college.

He is a passionate teacher who isn't afraid to use tough love and packed with practical tips as well. Mark's content gets results, is straight to the point, helpful, and doesn't waste any time.

5 Star Amazon Review

This book is absolutely perfect for anyone in college and 1-7 years out of college. Mark is the right person to learn from. I love the tough love but also smooth guidance he has throughout the book to educate the reader on how they can create early career success. I really think every college should have this book be a part of their freshman curriculum. Overall really great advice and I have enjoyed watching and reading Mark's social media content, too! Also, I would recommend you check out his TEDx talk too. All in all, this book is super helpful and will give you the tips and game plan to have success with the job search process, interview process, and first 90 days and beyond at a new job.

-Owen S

5 Star Amazon Review

This is a great resources for graduates. It has great, practical advice for kids as they enter the workforce and during the early stages of their career. All the things I wish I'd known when I'd gotten started. I come from a military family and the rules for success are a bit different in the military world, so my family didn't have the same insights to working in the civilian world when I was entering the work force. I wish I'd had this book myself.
So when I was searching for a gift for some kids of friends, I needed a book that had the right type of tips and advice. I read this book myself and so I knew it was the right choice when I gifted it. It really was the perfect gift book and from what I've seen, they all seem to be getting a lot out of it. I think it will pay off for all 4 kids I gave this to.


5 Star Amazon Review

I really recommend The #PACE to every single millennial and member of Gen Z. Mark Zides provides really useful information that is specifically applicable to the current working landscape we find ourselves in.

Mark clearly knows his stuff and he lays it all out in a no-nonsense fashion that is incredibly easy to read, understand, and implement. I've been a working professional for over a decade now and there were bits of info in here I wish I would've known way earlier.

-Dan Samuals